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Designers and Technology Leaders Converge on Autodesk University

Autodesk University (AU) is where architects, engineers, and designers come together with industry and technology leaders to better understand new technologies, exchange best practices, and form new business strategies.

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CARS 2 (2011) (***)

John Lasseter's follow-up to his ode to car culture is the least like any other Pixar film. The spy spoof is an unabashed genre flick. WALL*E was sci-fi, but had a compelling love story at its core. Where the original CARS had an aww-shucks charm in its tale of finding pleasure in the simple side of life, this part two sets that aside for international intrigue, mistaken identities and fish out of water tomfoolery. It's of course done at the high performance quality level that Pixar has set since 1995.

Comedy Blogs


TOY STORY's story is not over. Pixar has decided to extend the franchise in a series of shorts, this one being the first. Woody and the gang are preparing for some R&R as their new owner Bonnie is headed off on a Hawaiian family vacation over the winter break. Stowed away in the little girl's backpack are Ken and Barbie, who are extremely disappointed when they discover they're at Bonnie's house and not a luau on the beach. So in order to rescue the couple's first vacation together, the rest of the toys team up to bring paradise to a preschooler's bedroom.

Digital Headline News

Jeff Barnes to Head Digital Domain's 3-D Conversion Biz

Digital production company Digital Domain announced today that Jeff Barnes, co-founder and former CEO of The Computer Café Group, has joined the company to lead its In-Three stereo conversion business.