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Disney Headline News

Disney's Iger Paints Poor Pixar Prospects

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, September 29, 2004 at 12:00am

Disney president Robert Iger said on Wednesday that a renewed deal between the house that Walt built and Pixar Animation Studios was "unlikely, reports REUTERS. He added that partnerships like the one Disney had with Pixar to distribute its films often "outgrow one another."

"If it's not Pixar, it will be someone else," Iger told an audience at the Royal Television Society's international conference in London.

Animation Headline News

Calabash Animation Sold to Veteran Staffers

Ed Newmann and Monca Kendall, founder/owners of Chicago-based Calabash Animation, one of the leading privately-owned animation studios in the country, have sold the company to Wayne Brejcha and Sean Henry. Brejcha, who joined Calabash in 1990, takes over as chairman and Animation director, and Henry, who joined in 1998, will be president.

Headline News

Disney Board of Directors Sets CEO Search, Refigures Bonus Program

The Walt Disney Co. board of directors met Sept. 19-21, 2004, on the 20th anniversary of Michael Eisner's service as ceo, and voted to reaffirm support for its management team, redesigned the management incentive bonus program and started its search for its next ceo to be chosen by June 2005.

Headline News

21-Year-Old Scribe Starts Elysium Ent.

By Rick DeMott | Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at 12:00am

TYRO screenwriter Ali Russell has launched feature production banner Elysium Ent. with a pair of comicbook-based projects -- THE 10TH MUSE and an untitled Rob Liefeld film, reports VARIETY. Brooklyn Weaver of Energy Ent. will sheperd the new company. Weaver discovered 21-year-old Russell at the UCLA screenwriting program.

Weaver optioned MUSE for low-six figures and Russell is set to write and produce the film. Based on the comic by Darren Davis, the story follows the adventures of modern-day daughter of the Greek God Zeus.

Animated Headline News

Rhino Animated Features Formed by Trio of Companies

By Rick DeMott | Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at 12:00am

Rhino Films has joined forces with MOTHER JONES magazine and Alligator Planet to form Rhino Animated Features, which is designed to produce a series of activism docs for theatrical release, reports VARIETY. The first film will be MOTHER SEES RED, which will take a look at America's current culture wars. An animated version of labor leader Mary Harris "Mother" Jones will host the films.

MOTHER JONES will give editorial direction for the projects. Rhino Films head Stephen Nemeth brought the idea to Alligator Planet, where Tim Boxell will head the company.

Headline News

Entertainment Rights Acquires Tell-Tale Prods.

By Rick DeMott | Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at 12:00am

Entertainment Rights has acquired the production company Tell-Tale. Creative talent Iain Lauchlan and Will Brenton with fellow directors Karl Woolley and Helen Cadwallader will join ER to lead the creative division, which will immediately begin work on an extensive production and development slate.

Technology Headline News

Korean Researchers Anticipate New 3D Technology Boost

A group of Korean researchers from a local university have developed a new kind of high-quality MoCap technology that is so simple to use that they believe this will allow Koreans to compete internationally in vfx, reported THE CHOSUN ILBO.

Animation Headline News

Cambridge Animation Systems Restructures, Moves to Ireland

Cambridge Animation Systems, developer of Animo 2D software, has moved its company headquarters from England to The Digital Hub, in Dublin. Cormac Slevin, who has been with the company since 1998, will manage the new office.

The company has restructured its management team. Peter Florence, an original founder of Cambridge Animation Systems, will stay on as a shareholder alongside the new investment group; Digital Animation Media Ltd.

Films Headline News

Sony Buys MGM for Nearly $5 Billion

Time Warner Inc. withdrew its bid for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer on Monday and Sony Corp. rushed in to buy the studio for nearly $5 billion, VARIETY reported. The deal provides Sony with the largest library in Hollywood (nearly 8,000 films) along with valuable assets to set up TV distribution deals, and the chance to own such mega franchises as the James Bond film series.

Headline News

Bankrupt CrossGen Comics May Sell for $500,000

John Taddeo, formerly associated with Florida publisher Tekno Comics, has put up an offer of $500,000 to purchase all the assets of bankrupt comicbook publisher CrossGen, reports

The filing states. "The sale of the Assets to the Purchaser is far from a mere continuation of the Debtors' businesses in the ordinary course, but represents a liquidation of the businesses.

Entertainment Headline News

Anchor Bay and Fox Sign DVD/VHS Pact

Anchor Bay Ent., IDT Ent.'s home video subsidiary, and Twentieth Century Fox Home Ent. (TCFHE) have entered into a long-term distribution agreement. TCFHE will handle all manufacturing and distribution services for Anchor Bay's entire library of DVD and VHS offerings.

Animation Headline News

Radar Pictures Joins Forces With C.O.R.E.

Radar Pictures of Los Angeles (THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK and THE LAST SAMURAI) has agreed to a minority interest in the Canadian visual effects group of companies that includes C.O.R.E. Feature Animation and C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures of Toronto.

Said Bob Munroe, president/co-founder of C.O.R.E.: "Partnering with one of Hollywood's most successful independent production companies will give us greater access to the resources required to bring major animated feature films to market.

Studio Headline News

BreakAway Opens Studio In Austin

Hunt Valley, Maryland-based computer game company BreakAway Ltd. has announced the opening of a new development studio in Austin, Texas. With growth in its government and entertainment divisions over the past year, BreakAway has seen revenues jump 50% since the start of 2004, while the company has added more than 20 new employees during the past six months.

Company Headline News

Eisner’s Reign At Disney to End in 2006

Walt Disney Co.s ceo Michael Eisner has announced that he is stepping down from his post when his contract expires in Sept. 2006, reports the WALL STREET JOURNAL. This move ends Eisners two-decade reign at the mega-corporation and comes six months after former board members Stanley Gold and Roy Disney tried to oust him from the firm. Gold and Disneys efforts did lead to Eisner being removed as chairman. Disney president Robert Iger is Eisners "preferred choice" to succeed him.

Artists Headline News

MPSE Adds Foley Artists to Membership Category

The Motion Picture Sound Editors board of directors has voted to create a new category of membership for foley artists. The MPSE is dedicated to improving recognition of its members by educating the entertainment community as to the artistic merit of sound editing and related arts.

"I consider this to be a huge step forward for our organization, said MPSE president David Bondelevitch. This decision will allow us to grow not only in size and stature, but in the scope of what we hope to accomplish."

Headline News

TV-Loonland Files for British AIM Listing

On Sept. 1, 2004, TV-Loonland filed to have its 7,156,969 shares listed on the British AIM market as a second listing. The shares are expected to be admitted and start trading on September 30, 2004, subject to the LSEs approval. The filing used a fast track route process an abbreviated admission procedure for companies already listed on other selected stock exchanges.

Headline News

Game Publisher Acclaim Files for Bankruptcy

Video game publisher Acclaim Ent. Inc. filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation on Sept. 2, 2004 upon its failure to secure new financing, reports REUTERS. The move is a result of the companys recent lack of hit games and faced lawsuits from some of its licensees, including teen superstars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and BMX biking star Dave Mirra.

Police Headline News

Weapons Spur Canadian Comic Convention Raid

The booth at the Canadian National Expo, a comic, sci-fi and horror, convention, was raided by police after the authorities were tipped off that the company was selling illegal weapons. The online company sells replica swords, daggers, maces and war hammers from movies and television series. Four Americans and two Canadians were arrested on multiple counts of possessing and selling prohibited weapons.

Online Headline News

SEGA Enters China Market for Online Game Business

SEGA Corp. has announced plans to enter the Chinese market for online gaming. In preparation for full-scale business operations in China, the company has established a branch office in Shanghai -- SEGA (Shanghai) Software Co. SEGA views the Chinese a strategic market for growth in multiplayer online gaming market with more than 10 million online gamers. The company plans to establish the regional business through its local branch offices, with content designed to appeal to market-specific tastes and demand.

Music Headline News

Ludlow Music Drops Suit Against JibJab Over This Land

Ludlow Music has withdrawn its demands that JibJab Media stop using Woody Guthrie's THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND tune in the Web short, THIS LAND, because it was discovered that Ludlow does not own the copyright, reports WIRED. JibJab's lawyers discovered that anyone can record their own version of the song, because the copyright has expired.

Education Headline News

Discovery Communications Acquires Rainbow Educational Media

Discovery Communications has acquired the Charles W. Clark Co. Inc., doing business as Rainbow Educational Media an award-winning publisher and distributor of high-quality core-curriculum educational videos, CD-ROMs and DVDs for children and young people in kindergarten through eighth grade. This acquisition further expands the vast digital library of Discovery's newly formed Discovery Education business unit, providing video content to enhance the classroom learning environment.

Animation Headline News

China Opens Toon Industry to Private Investors

In an effort to grow the animation industry in the country, China has announced that it will encourage private investors developing and creating animated films and TV series, reports CHINA DAILY. In terms with the Opinions Regarding Development of Animation and Comic Industry for Film and TV Programs in China, the State Broadcasting and Radio Administration promised that trustworthy, privately-financed cartoon making agencies would be treated equally with state-backed animation and comic production organizations.