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Category: Broadcast Design

Headline News

Goodspot Delivers NFL Graphics Package For Fox Sports

Santa Monica, California-based Goodspot Design recently completed an extensive package of original broadcast design and animation work for Fox Sports' 2002 NFL on-air promotions graphics. The 30-, 20- and 10-second promos debuted on Fox in September 2002.

Headline News

Ex'pression Students Create Marble Madness For Tech TV

Ex'pression, a digital arts school located in California's Bay Area, has given several of its Digital Graphics Design students the chance to apply the knowledge gained in classes to a real world situation when they were selected by Tech TV to create a station ID for the technology channel. Using applications including Maya and After Effects, the students created the 10-second long bumper, called "Marble Madness," which shows the Tech TV logo elements (silver and red balls) becoming marbles.

Nickelodeon Headline News

Curious Captures Nicktoon Spirit In New Set Of IDs

Curious Pictures has once again teamed up with Nickelodeon, this time to create the packaging for the new cartoon block "Nicktoons," currently running every Friday night from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The project includes the opening for the hour program, along with 19 bumpers, 5 intros and 5 credit crunches that will rotate during the block each week. The spots feature Nicks cartoon personalities goofing around in the production studio, while reminding the viewers that theyre watching Nicktoons.

Creative Headline News

Guru Brands YTV With Creative Characters

The crew at guru animation studio in Toronto was recently presented a Silver Promax/BDA award for their work on 3 of 15 "very, very short films" for Canada's YTV network. Begun in July 2001, the spots were commissioned for YTV's 2001 fall branding campaign. The 3 1/2 second spots feature various characters, each of whom convey an abstract emotion, a weird concept or just a simple visceral pleasure.

Super Headline News

Super 78 Lives At The Movies With Take 2

Hollywood,California-based production company Super 78 recently completed anextensive graphics and animation package for the pilot ofreality-based show TAKE 2: LIVING THE MOVIES, airing on the USANetwork. The premise of the show is to assemble a cast of ordinarypeople to recreate some of the most life-threatening,adrenaline-pumping and outrageous scenes from well-known movies. Forthis unique program, Super 78 designed and created animation thatillustrates the action for the benefit of the viewing audience.

Movie Headline News

Chris Prynoski Directs Musical Inspired MTV Movie Awards Open

MTV Animation alum Chris Prynoski went back to his roots by once again creating a stylish opening sequence for the 2002 MTV Movie Awards. The show was produced by Austin Reading and executive produced by Joel Gallen of Tenth Planet. MTV commissioned Prynoski and his company, Titmouse Inc., to produce this year's Awards Show open after Titmouse delivered a successful graphics package for last year's show.

Headline News

ComputerCafé Creates Cinematics For EA's E3Expo Extravaganza

If you visited the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3Expo) in Los Angeles May 22-24, 2002, you may have come upon ComputerCafé's CGI cinematic presentations created for the debut of two of Electronic Arts' (EA) new videogames, COMMAND AND CONQUER GENERALS and EARTH AND BEYOND. For the massively multiplayer online adventure game EARTH AND BEYOND, ComputerCafé created 18 realistic CGI scenes of planetary exploration as seen through the eyes of the character Dewinter.

Film Headline News

Film Roman Gets Shagged For Sho Too

Film Roman Commercials and Special Projects division has produced animated opening title sequences, interstitials and several commercials promoting "Night Out On Sho Too," a Wednesday night program block featuring gay-themed movies, original series and specials. The animated spots, which are currently airing on Showtime, bring to life the characters featured in the retro, "tiki-lounge" style paintings by California-based artist Shag.

Film Headline News

A Film Estonia Rocks The Eurovision Song Contest

Estonian animation studio A Film Estonia has recently completed the production of two animated "postcards" for the 47th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), which will be held on May 25, 2002 in Tallinn, Estonia. The postcards will be seen as two of the many interstitials shown between the competing songs during the European broadcast of ESC. The aim is to introduce different aspects of the host country.

Design Headline News

The Osbournes Get The Klasky Csupo Treatment

The New York Times calls it "an odd amalgam of OZZIE AND HARRIET, THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES and THIS IS SPINAL TAP," and after being on air less than a month it's MTV's biggest hit in over two decades. It can only be THE OSBOURNES, the reality sitcom about former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne and his family. To create the introductory graphics for the series starring the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness, THE OSBOURNES executive producers called on the new broadcast design division of Klasky Csupo.

Creative Headline News

Super-Fi Knows What A Guy Wants

The program names alone are enough to inspire a bounty of images: MTVs ASS KICKING CHICKS and WHAT A GUY WANTS are two new projects to come from the creative team at digital content studio Super-Fi. Led by creative director Daniel Garcia and executive producer John Yuiska, the projects were fun adventures that afforded the Super-Fi team a great deal of creative freedom.

Super Headline News

Super 78 Super-Charges The Interactive Achievement Awards

Production company Super 78 created a graphics package for the 5th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on February 28, 2002. Drawing on the inspiration of the early 1980s gaming experience as the aesthetic foundation, Super 78 creative director Brent Young developed the look for the awards presentation. "Our goal was to create a vibe that was both retro and contemporary, TRON meets MATRIX, connecting the fact that this is an industry with a history and a future," Young explained.

Games Headline News

V12 Gives X Games A New Look

Broadcast and commercial design collective V12 recently completed designing the new look for the X Games, the extreme sports version of the Olympics. Debuting at the Winter X Games and continuing through to the Summer Games, V12, lead by creative directors Juan Delcan and David J. Hwang, created all of the on-air packaging and design including logo ids, information graphics, backgrounds and on-screen scoreboards. For the visual transitions, V12 treated the live action footage to mirror the style of propaganda posters and provided an entire reel from which the client could choose.

Open Headline News

Hi-Wire Flies High For Dragonfly

Digital effects designer Cassie Scroggins of Minneapolis-based Hi-Wire recently finished a complete visual identity, including a logo, program open, interstitials and graphical interface, for DragonflyTV, a PBS program created by Twin Cities Public Television (TPT). DragonflyTV, a new childrens program that began airing on PBS stations nationwide on January 19, 2002, is geared towards children ages 9-12 and features ordinary children and their own science investigations.

Super Headline News

A52 Crafts Super Bowl Spots For Fox

Visual effects and design studio A52 recently completed work on a series of 30-second spots for the FOX network, which debuted on January 18, 2002 and counted down to February 3, 2002, Super Bowl Day. The spots promoted the scheduled live Super Bowl performances of U2, Paul McCartney, No Doubt and other artists, and featured multiple layers of high-contrast imagery composited with text and other graphic elements. A52 also provided visual effects on the spots.

Awards Headline News

Psyop Brings Life To Stats For My VH1 Music Awards

With award categories like "Your Song Kicked Ass But Was Played Too Damn Much" and "Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just My Video?" the 2001 My VH1 Music Awards is clearly not your average music awards ceremony. For one thing, it is the fans that call the shots: the category names, nominees and winners are all determined through an online vote. That distinctly democratic impression was enhanced by a graphics and animation package created for the December 2 broadcast by visual effects/creative design house, PSYOP, NYC. This is the second year that PSYOP had been responsible for the package.