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Headline News

Penguin Group USA Inks Deal to Publish Manga for Kids & Adults

Penguin Group USA has signed a three-year deal to publish manga with Digital Manga Inc. in a deal brokered by Eloise Flood, publisher of Razorbill, the newly launched teen imprint from Penguin Young Readers Group and Hikaru Sasahara, ceo of Digital Manga Inc.

Dark Headline News

Dark Horse Rides with Incredible Comics

At Comic-Con, Dark Horse Comics announced that it will publish a four-issue comic book adaptation of the Pixar film THE INCREDIBLES. Dark Horse's adaptation will feature art by Ricardo Curtis, one of the storyboard artists on the film.

In addition, Dark Horse announced a new manga series, Katsuya Terada's THE MONKEY KING, a manga adaptation of the popular Chinese legend. It will feature the toughest monkey in the East, who is on a mission to retrieve the legendary scrolls of Buddha. The first volume will hit stores in March 2005.

Headline News

ADV Manga Titles for July

ADV Manga has announced its July 2004 street dates. Included in the lineup are new titles: APOCALYPSE MEOW, JINKI: EXTEND, GADIROK and THE BOSS.

APOCALYPSE MEOW, VOLUME 1 OF 3 is a pseudo-historical account of the Vietnam War are rabbits, cats and other beasts representing various nationalities involved in the conflict. Written and illustrated by Motofumi Kobayashi, he was the first manga artist to draw an American comic book series-Marvel Comic's PSYCHONAUT. The 136-page, black-and-white titles will sell for $9.99.

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TOKYOPOP To Publish Linkin Park Cine-Manga

TOKYOPOP Inc. has teamed with the multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning band Linkin Park to develop a new LINKIN PARK CINE-MANGA. A collaborative effort that joins TOKYOPOP's Cine-Manga format with Linkin Park's new anime-style music video, BREAKING THE HABIT, this 48-page comicbook incorporates full-color images taken directly from the video, freeze-framed into spreads along with manga-style images and sound effects. The release will include song lyrics, a special foreword, band notes and commentary.

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McMeel's Planning Complete Calvin & Hobbes Tome

At BookExpo America, Andrews McMeel said he was planning to release a three-hardcover slipcased complete collection of the popular CALVIN & HOBBES comic strips in 2005, reports ICv2. Similar to this year's two-hardcover slipcased FAR SIDE collection, the CALVIN & HOBBES anthology would sell for around $150.

Award Headline News

EXPOSÉ 2 Available

Ballistic Publishing has announced the publication of EXPOSÉ 2, the second edition of the industry's acclaimed art book celebrating the creative talents of digital artists worldwide. EXPOSÉ 1 was sold in 68 countries worldwide and won numerous awards. Pre-order information, page galleries, award winning images and more are available at

Headline News

Miyazaki's Nausicaa & Neon Genesis Manga To Be Reprint

VIZ LLC has announced the release of second editions of several of its manga series, including NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, Rumiko Takahashi's MAISON IKKOKU and Hayao Miyazaki's NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND. Other second edition titles from VIZ's Action catalog include INUYASHA, RANMA 1/2, BASTARD!!, BATTLE ANGEL ALITA and VIDEO GIRL AI.

Digital Headline News

EXPOSÉ 2 Deadline Pushed Up

Artwork to be considered for EXPOSÉ 2 needs to be submitted before Jan. 29, 2004, four weeks prior to the previous deadline, in order for the book to be shipped in time for SIGGRAPH 2004. EXPOSÉ 2 will go into full production in March 2004, with a release date of July 2004. EXPOSÉ 2 Pre-orders for EXPOSÉ 2 will start in June 2004.

Headline News


By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, December 3, 2003 at 12:00am

VIZ LLC has announced the acquisition of ULTIMATE MUSCLE: THE KINNIKUMAN LEGACY from Shueisha Inc., one of Japan's largest publishers. The manga will be offered through the SHONEN JUMP line of graphic novels and will begin shipping in March 2004 and hit stores in the U.S. in mid-April.

Digital Headline News

Syd Mead to Serve on EXPOSÉ 2 Advisory Committee

Syd Mead, the renowned designer behind such films as BLADE RUNNER, TRON, 2010, and ALIENS, has joined the EXPOSÉ 2 Advisory Committee. EXPOSÉ 2 is the second in Ballistic Publishing's series of award-winning digital art books celebrating the talents of digital artists worldwide. Advisory Committee members will collaboratively assist in the selection of artwork to be presented in EXPOSÉ 2, as well as take on an advisory role ensuring the highest quality standards.

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Fantagraphics To Publish Every Peanuts Strip

Fantagraphics Books has announced the complete reprinting of Charles Schulzs classic PEANUTS comic strips. The collection will be a total of 25 books published two per year for the next 12 1/2 years. The first collection will hits shelves April 1, 2004. THE COMPLETE PEANUTS series will be designed by the cartoonist SETH (PALOOKAVILLE, ITS A GOOD LIFE IF YOU DONT WEAKEN) and produced in full cooperation with United Media, Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates and Schulzs widow, Jean Schulz.

Media Headline News

Central Park Media Manga Line Gets Fall Re-pricing

Central Park Media has announced that its fall 2003 line of manga titles will have a smaller size and a reduced price of $9.99. Commencing the launch of the new manga line will be the highly anticipated October 8, 2003 release of POPCORN ROMANCE by acclaimed graphic novelist Tomoko Taniguchi. The story follows two metal-head brothers who worry about their lost love when they take a forced vacation to their grandfathers farm.

Headline News

TOKYOPOP Team With Courtney Love on Manga Series

TOKYOPOP Inc. and Courtney Love have teamed up to produce the fantasy manga series, PRINCESS AI, featuring the character design of manga artist Ai Yazawa (PARADISE KISS) and the creative vision of D.J. Milky (KARMA KLUB). The story will follow a smart, talented and an irreverent young princess who utilizes the public stage as a form of self-expression and as a way to hide from her assailants.

Headline News

Tron Comic to Hit Shelves

Quebec City, Canada-based 88 MPH Studios, Inc. and Disney Publishing Worldwide have announced the introduction of a new monthly TRON comic book series based on the groundbreaking 1982 movie. The first four-part mini-series will hit comic book stores in the U.S. and Canada this winter. 88 MPH Studios will develop comic books based on both the original movie and the new game TRON 2.0, which will be released this August through Buena Vista Games.

Series Headline News

Bardel's Flash Experience Featured In New Book

Vancouver-based Bardel Entertainment has begun using Flash extensively to create in-house series such as THE MR. DINK SHOW (The Comedy Network) and STORIES FROM THE SEVENTH FIRE (CBC), as well as the recent holiday special THE CHRISTMAS ORANGE (ABC Family and Teletoon). Because of Bardels experience, the making of these Flash for broadcast properties has been featured in Macromedia's recent paperback publication FLASH MX -- DESIGN FOR TV AND VIDEO, written by Janet Galore and Todd Kelsey.

Headline News

Three Fan-Favorite Manga Series Get Sequels Thanks To Tokyopop

TOKYOPOP is about to publish three new manga series based on its successful fan-favorites COWBOY BEBOP, JULINE and HARLEM BEAT. One of TOKYOPOP's best sellers and regularly ranked in the BookScan top 10 graphic novel bestseller list, COWBOY BEBOP is based on the hit anime series which airs on Cartoon Network in the U.S. COWBOY BEBOP: SHOOTING STAR is an alternate telling of the TV show that contains all the same intrigue, adventure, action and noir ambiance of its onscreen counterpart.

Marvel Headline News

Marvel Comics Re-Imagines Some Classic Characters

Marvel is reviving two classic comic book series, giving each a modern twist. has reported that Marvel Comics' upcoming revival of the comic series THE RAWHIDE KID will feature the title character as an openly gay gunslinger. This move marks Marvel's first gay title character in a comic book. THE RAWHIDE KID first debuted in 1955 at the height of Western comic book mania. Although it did not perform well its first time out, the title was revived by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the '60s and ran for more than 150 issues, ending in 1979.

Animation Headline News

New Book Helps Animators Put Some Flash Into Their Work

Macromedia Flash is the standard for Web animation. But as more and more animators are discovering, it can also be used to produce animations for television efficiently, inexpensively and without compromising quality. In the new book FLASH MX -- DESIGN FOR TV AND VIDEO, authors Janet Galore and Todd Kelsey focus on the evolution of Macromedias Flash from a fairly simple Internet animation tool to the sophisticated program that is currently being used for high-end television broadcast.

Disney Headline News

Monsters, Inc. Manga!

Mike and Sully will get a new look when U.S.-based manga publisher Tokyopop releases a graphic novel based on the Disney/Pixar property MONSTERS, INC. The 104-page paperback manga version of the hit CG-animated film, which features collectible stickers of the entire monster cast, will hit the shelves of bookstores and comic book retailers in October 2002, just after the film's North American DVD/VHS release.

Animation Headline News

Writing For Feature Animation Book Hits The Shelves

A new book is available to teach the fundamentals of writing for feature animation. GARDNER'S GUIDE TO FEATURE ANIMATION WRITING: THE WRITER'S ROAD MAP, by Marilyn Webber, teaches how to develop marketable animation stories and scripts. The basics of writing for animated features are described along with the distinctions between animation and live-action scripts and how to examine feature animation genres. In addition, readers are given the tools to create cohesive plot structures, characters, original scenes and dialogue, including how to integrate comedy into an animation screenplay.