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Spotlight on Korea


Company Profile: 'Munhwa Broadcasting Corp (MBC)'

Munwha Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) is a public organization, and corporation which operates on the basis of advertising revenue. Korean audiences have always rated MBC as the best broadcaster in Korea, especially in terms of credibility, popularity, audience ratings, and influence.


Company Profile: 'LeeonIPL'

Character licensing is the one of highest value-added businesses of the 21st century in regards to movie, TV, publishing, comics, music and games. LeeonIPL is a private technology transfer company designated by the Korean government covering a range of licensing businesses from character development, publication to online contents creation.


Company Profile: 'Kenny & Co. Entertainment Inc.'

Kenny & Co. is a Korean distributing company. The company’s name reflects our determination for responsibility and a friendlier approach to foreign buyers and those in licensing business. We successfully launched our business by selling TV programs from Korea and other Asian countries to North America and Europe.


Company Profile: 'KBS Media'

KBS Media manages four major businesses - Global Sales, Contents Licensing & Production, Cultural & Public Events Planning and Home Entertainment. Throughout its operations, KBS Media maintains the values and integrity of the KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), which is a world’s leading public broadcaster, combined with he commercial skill and insight, flexibility, knowledge and strength of a global corporation.


Company Profile: 'EBS (Korea Educational Broadcasting System)'

EBS is a public broadcaster in Korea that provides cultural and educational programs nationwide. EBS-TV is a flagship channel of EBS, which aims at providing the best nature & cultural documentaries, and quality children's programs such as world class animation.


Company Profile: 'Dongwoo Animation CO, Ltd.'

Established in 1991, Dongwoo Animation Co., Ltd. (“Dongwoo Animation”) is a leading entertainment company whose business area covers 2D and 3D animation production, distribution, toy manufacturing, and character licensing. The company houses 50 animation directors and 350 animators along with a state-of-the-art HD editing system.


Company Profile: ' Big Star Enterprise, INC.'

From the early stages of the Korean animation production business in the 1980’s, Big Star Enterprise, Inc. has been a leading animation production company, since its establishment in 1986. Big Star is one of the few studios in Korea that provides animation services in the major animation mediums – traditional, CG and flash.


Company Profile: 'Aurora World Corp.'

Aurora is one of the leading companies specialized in the field of character design in the global gift industry. We have global networks to distribute our quality goods via sales units in the USA, UK and HK including distribution partners in worldwide, with core competences in design through global researches & market analysis, and in-house production in Indonesia & China.