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Spotlight on Korea


Production Profile: 'The Mammoth, Titan of the Ice Age'

This documentary depicts the mammoth’s rise to prominence and fall to extinction by following the life of one of these majestic animals, Mammu, a mammoth born on the Korean Peninsula, on the eastern edge of Asia. The documentary also explores the lives of other contemporary creatures, including the woolly rhinoceros, the saber-toothed cat, the cave lion, and the megaloceros.


Production Profile: 'Kommi'

Tony and Maria, the adoptive parent of Kommi, are a famous geologist and a genius physicist in Australia. The family went on to expedition together in New Zealand where they found a shrine that appeared to be built by an alien. They also found a fresco that describes the secret of the universe and a legend that seven heroes will save the world with the power of skipping rope.


Production Profile: 'Masterpieces on the Road'

This animation provides an educational opportunity to learn about masterpieces with a unique technique of switching animation to film back and forth. Not only does it describe art history behind masterpieces but also background histories of artists so viewers can easily understand and appreciate arts better.


Production Profile: 'Alloo’s Little World'

Alloo loves hide-and-seek and fruits. Kalloo loves fishing. Dalloo loves dandelions. These three friends are all different yet have been best friends. One day a new friend from a far away planet, Altoo, came to visit Alloo, Kaloo and Daloo in their forest. The only thing Altoo can say is ‘Altoo.’ The three friends teach Altoo everything and tell lots of stories.


Production Profile: ' 333 World City Expedition'

'333 World City Expedition travels to major cities around the globe, and explore the charms and attractions of the cities in a very unique way, in the '333 expedition' style. '333 expedition' means exploring a city by learning about 3 attractions to see, 3 cuisines to eat, and 3 things to do in that city.


Company Profile: 'Toonzip'

Since its establishment in 2006, Toonzip has been a powerhouse of competent, meticulous and highly talented digital talents. Toonzip is a fast growing digital content company in Korea. It is known for many things from strong and diverse digital animations to new media contents that are targeting the global market with leading oversea partners.


Company Profile: 'Sunwoo Entertainment Co. Ltd.'

Sunwoo Entertainment is a family-friendly entertainment group specialized in high quality animated film production. The company has been pursuing multi platform business through animation development/production, toy development/distribution and character licensing which represent a sound and balanced business structure.