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Nuts and Bolts in a MicroChip World


Everyone love's to share their top ten lists - Thought I'd give it a go.

What's the best 2-D Kids series ever made for and run on U.S. television.. What is your favorite Prime Time 2-D animation series of all time? I'll show you my selections and you're welcome to agree, disagree or offer a set of your own...


Yet more notes on the Academy Awards

I just wish the Oscar's were not so important financially to the winners and runner-ups. I think the awards would mean just as much to the actors and production staff without knowing that millions of dollars could be riding on the votes of their fellow Academy members. I know you can't go back but one can wish...

Business Blogs

Be careful you don't fall so deeply in love with a property that you can't let go.

Like in poker it's best to know when to hold-em and when to fold-em. Don't make your creative children your real children because the time will likely come that you really should move on. Time, energy and money can be thrown out the window on unsellable properties, just because like your kids, you love them.....