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SATIRE: Banks on High Alert after 'Hoodwinked 3' Finance Attempt

Banks were on high alert across Europe and Asia after Volker van Volk, chief executive of EuroBank Potsdam, was targeted by a producer attempting to secure funding for a third 'Hoodwinked' movie.

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SATIRE: Exec Miraculously Rescued from Unscheduled MIPtv Pitch Meeting

A Canal + development exec, trapped against a hallway support beam for more than 15 minutes in conversation with a Bollywood producer pitching a kid’s TV special, was miraculously rescued yesterday.

Humor Blogs

SATIRE: Keith Olbermann Joins Cartoon Network to Anchor New Primetime Nightly Newscast

In an unprecedented move sure to ripple throughout Hollywood, Cartoon Network has lured top controversial commentator Keith Olbermann to anchor their new nightly primetime national news broadcast.