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FESA Festival - Belgrade, Serbia 31 Aug & 1 Sept

Last year I was lucky enough to attend this excellent festival of student animation.  Anyone who is anywhere near Belgrade should not miss this wonderful event.

This year's FESA festival received 71 animated films from 12 schools and 12 countries, twice more than last year.

Prof. Thomas Renoldner - PROGRAM OF THE FINE ARTS ACADEMY from Vienna

and Prof. Rastko ?iri? - PROGRAM 65 YEARS OF THE FACULTY OF APPLIED ARTS from Belgrade


BEIRUT ANIMATED 3RD EDITION Beirut, Lebanon, 14-18 June 2013

My first trip to the Middle East proved to be the amazing experience I had expected it to be.  Unfortunately I had to miss the first two days of the Beirut Animated Festival due to commitments at Annecy.  I left early on Sunday morning from the Geneva airport.  My first surprise came when I landed at the Beirut airport.  The festival staff had told me that I could purchase a visa when I arrived at the airport, but as it turned out with my official invitation to participate in a cultural event, there was no charge for my visa. Even though I would only be there for four days, the visa was issued to me for a month.

With a minimal staff and a very limited budget, festival director Sarra Maali and her staff have created an impressive  festival. Headquartered at the beautiful Metropolis Cinema, it combined the best of Middle Eastern animation with a varied selection of international features and short animated films.   The opening night was kicked off with a screening of the French feature The Rabbi’s Cat and I was told that the  several hundred seat theatre was full.

Screenwriting Blogs


Have you ever been writing and felt like your story is crap? If you haven’t you must not be an experienced writer. If you have, don’t worry, crap has some useful nutrients in it. Let me explain...

Rachel Johnson Blogs

Henreitta Bulkowski by Rachel Johnson

A long long time ago, like 10 years ago, a young woman went to the Czech Republic, learned about puppet animation and made a splendid little film called The Toll Collector.... Now she's back. Well.. she's been back (in the USA) for a while..but I mean back in the 'time to make another film' sense.