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The festival will soon announce its international guests – be prepared to be surprised.

CHILEMONOS is preparing for its 2014 edition with screenings across Chile, with a selection of the best Latin American animated movies oriented for all the family.

This important new animation festival continues to grow in gigantic steps. A few months ago, the second edition of CHILEMONOS festival surprised us, presenting of some of the best animation in the world and highlighted international guests such as Brenda Chapman and Shinichiro Watanabe.

In its third edition, CHILEMONOS won’t stop its surprises and announces its coming to Chile and the world. Festival director Erwin “Wilo” Gómez comments “We want this animation party, CHILEMONOS, to reach all the fans of animation in the country. For this we are preparing to make simultaneous presentations of the festival in Chile’s different regions”.

The festival is not only expanding its reach inside Chile, but is also strengthening its ties with our neighbors. For the next festival 2014, we will present acclaimed movies from our South American neighbors, focusing on film for the family audience, screened in big cinemas.

Wilo adds “We know that children by nature are a massive animation audience, and for this we picked out special movies for them to come to the cinemas with their families”. Among the selected films are the Peruvian production “Rodencia and the Princess’s tooth”, “Foosball” from Argentina and “AninA” from Uruguay, among others.


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Watch Oscar-Winning VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin Talk Inception and Batman VFX at VIEW

By Dan Sarto | Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 8:42am

Watch Oscar-winning VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin talk about his work on Christopher Nolan's films Inception and The Dark Knight Rises at VIEW 2012. Watch dozens of fantastic interviews with top industry leaders at VIEW 2011 and 2012.


MONSTRA 2014 - Call for Entries

MONSTRA 2014 - Call for Entries for Feature Films, Short Films and TV Series, Student Films and Super-Short Films
Dear Friends!

We are proud to announce that the 13th Edition of MONSTRA – Lisbon Animated Film Festival will take place from 13th to 23rd   March 2014.

MONSTRA is a festival where experimentation/research, crossing over new artistic approaches, forms and proposals takes place.

The main aim of Lisbon Animated Film Festival is the presentation and promotion of the world’s best animation. This year’s festival edition includes competition, retrospectives, workshops, master classes, exhibitions   and interdisciplinary projects.

We invite you to submit your feature film, short film, TV series, student film or super short film to the International Animated Film Competition until the 15th of November 2013.

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I’m asked questions all the time about pitching animated TV series. Do I need a bible? — Do I need a pilot script? — Do I need artwork? —Do I need a few minutes of animation?  Rather than tell you what I think you need, let me illustrate the reality of pitching with two personal anecdotes...


ANIBAR ANIMATION FESTIVAL 9-14 August 2013 Peja, Kosovo


Sometimes when you attend an animation festival for the second time it isn’t quite as exciting as you remember,but this is certainly not the case with the Anibar Animation Festival in Peja, Kosovo.  This year the film programming was excellent and the staff so warm and gracious and I returned home with many happy memories.

Anibar not only brings excellent animation to the community, the festival also has a strong emphasis on ecology .  Peja is located at the edge of a plain with beautiful mountains rising above it.  The mountains are a popular rock climbing area in the summer and are known for skiing in the winter.  The stream running through the center of the city flows down from pristine springs in the mountains.  To educate people to the importance of caring for their beautiful surroundings, promote sustainable living and lower the impact of the festival on the environment, Anibar has inaugurated a series of down to earth programs that festival goers could participate in called Earth.  To manage waste and promote local products everyone that brought empty aluminum cans for recycling to the information booth received local organic tea as a reward.


CALL FOR ENTRIES: 21st Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart (April 22-27, 2014)

Submit your animated films!

Dear filmmakers and friends of animated films,

in 2014 Stuttgart will again open up the doors to the great world of animated film. You would like to be a part of it and show your film to an international audience? The Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) will offer a platform to filmmakers, directors and production companies to present their films and give to fans of animated film the chance to watch animated short and feature films of all genres for six days.

The ITFS is one of the biggest and most important international festivals for animated film. It has developed into an essential event within the field of animated film in Germany and worldwide. Around 80,000 visitors and approximately 2,500 accredited professionals attended in 2013. Be a part of it and take the chance to meet well-known filmmakers and young talents, and to participate in numerous workshops, informational events and presentations.