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CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF KROKING DOWN THE RIVER: KROK International Animation Film Festival 1 - 10 September, 2013 - Odessa to Kiev, Ukraine on the MS Dnieper Star

KROK International Animated Film Festival celebrated its 20th birthday this year and oh what a nine-day birthday party it was!  Breaking with the usual festival tradition of showing the first competition program at a theatre followed by a welcome dinner on the ship on opening night, we were taken to a beach club overlooking the Black Sea in Odessa.   From the moment we arrived at the opening ceremony at the beautiful Otrada Beach Club, I knew that it was going to be a special year.

There were welcome speeches and a special salute by Yuri Norshtein to Edward Nazarov, Russian president of the festival who was sadly unable to sail with us this year.  Then came a live demonstration of the unique art of Hungarian sand animator Ferenc Cako, a member of the jury this year.  This was followed by a screening of the French feature film The Day of the Crows directed by Jean-Christopher Dessaint, and a sumptuous feast served under the stars on the club’s lawn.
KROK was not the only one celebrating a birthday this year.  The renowned Pilot Studio, the first independent Soviet Film Studio, is 25 years old this year.  The retrospective screening “Pilot Studio is 25 Years Old --- A story of success, struggle, and creation . . .” paid tribute to the legion of films that the studio has produced and the man whose vision and stubborn determination created this great studio again all odds, Alexander Tatarsky.



Rules for Entries can be found at:

The festival will soon announce its international guests – be prepared to be surprised.

CHILEMONOS is preparing for its 2014 edition with screenings across Chile, with a selection of the best Latin American animated movies oriented for all the family.

This important new animation festival continues to grow in gigantic steps. A few months ago, the second edition of CHILEMONOS festival surprised us, presenting of some of the best animation in the world and highlighted international guests such as Brenda Chapman and Shinichiro Watanabe.

In its third edition, CHILEMONOS won’t stop its surprises and announces its coming to Chile and the world. Festival director Erwin “Wilo” Gómez comments “We want this animation party, CHILEMONOS, to reach all the fans of animation in the country. For this we are preparing to make simultaneous presentations of the festival in Chile’s different regions”.

The festival is not only expanding its reach inside Chile, but is also strengthening its ties with our neighbors. For the next festival 2014, we will present acclaimed movies from our South American neighbors, focusing on film for the family audience, screened in big cinemas.

Wilo adds “We know that children by nature are a massive animation audience, and for this we picked out special movies for them to come to the cinemas with their families”. Among the selected films are the Peruvian production “Rodencia and the Princess’s tooth”, “Foosball” from Argentina and “AninA” from Uruguay, among others.


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