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Workshops and Masterclasses Set for VIEW Conference

Weta Digital’s Wayne Stables, Digital Domain’s Eric Nash, Pixar's Sharon Calahan, ILM's Scott Farrar, ILM's Roger Guyett, DNeg's Gavin Graham and PDI Founder Glenn Entis are some of the speakers slated to present next week at VIEW, Italy's largest computer graphics conference.

ILM VFX Supervisor Scott Farrar will present for Transformers: The Dark of the Moon.

The 12th annual VIEW Conference opens next Monday. Amazing speakers and workshops please reserve your seat!

- October 24 – Sharon Calahan, Director of Photography at Pixar Animation Studios: Reflections of Light and Color. - October 24 – Tom Wujec, Autodesk Fellow: Clarity – Using Visual Thinking to Collaborate, Innovate, and Get Things Done - October 25 – 28 – Dylan Sisson, RenderMan Technical Artist: RenderMan Roadmap for 2011 - October 24 - Davide Pesare, Shader Writer – Pixar Animation Studios: RenderMan: Understanding Shading on SIMD architectures - October 25 – 28 - Paolo Baccolo, Guru, Adobe Systems, Evangelist, Wacom Europe: Creativity, efficiency and ergonomics: Wacom’s tools for digital creatives - October 27, 28 – Mike Springer, Software Engineer Google: SketchUp, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Apps & App Engine. - October 25-28 – Francesco Lo Torto, Tom Krcha, Giovani Antico, Andrea Pontiggia, Davide Famoso, Luca Boni, Manlio Esposito, Fabrizio Volpi: Adobe Create Suite - October 25, 26, 28 – David Revoy: Digital painting, concept, illustration using open source software.

Now in its 12th year, the VIEW is Italy’s largest computer graphics conference. Keynoting the conference are Pixar Animation Studio’s Sharon Calahan, director of photography on Disney/Pixar’s Cars2; Skywalker Sound director of sound design Randy Thom, a two-time Academy Award winner who created the sound design for Rio; Tom Wujec, Autodesk fellow and author of three books on innovation; and Cory Doctorow, technology activist, science fiction author, and journalist.

The conference recently announced speakers who will present work on two recent releases, both created using performance capture techniques first honed on James Cameron’s Avatar: Weta Digital’s Wayne Stables will give a presentation on Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin, and Digital Domain’s Eric Nash will present the visual effects work created for Shawn Levy’s Real Steel.

Also presenting at VIEW this year are Glenn Entis, co-founder of PDI, former head of DreamWorks Interactive, chief visual officer for Electronic Arts, Technical Achievement Academy Award winner, and now a founding partner in Vanage Capital, Academy-Award winner Scott Farrar, visual effects supervisor from Industrial Light & Magic for Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. Two-time Oscar nominee Roger Guyett, also from ILM, visual effects supervisor for Cowboys & Aliens. BAFTA award nominee Peter Nofz from Sony Pictures Imageworks, digital effects supervisor for Green Lantern. Gavin Graham, co-head of 3D at Double Negative for Captain America: The First Avenger. From the Moving Picture Company,Adriano Rinaldi, head of effects, and Daniele Bigi, look development lead for X-Men: First Class. Rob Bredow, CTO for Sony Pictures Imageworks, visual effects supervisor for The Smurfs, and evangelist for the open source Alembic file format. And, Lucia Modesto, character technical director supervisor at PDI/DreamWorks for Kung Fu Panda 2.

VIEW 2011 takes place October 24-28 following the film festival VIEWfest, October 21-23 in beautiful Turin, Italy. For a list of all the speakers, to register, and to sign up for the workshops please visit our website: