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Wassup gets the animation treatment.

Wassup ad gets animated re-do that will blow your pants off.

Becca and I were out on the town with some of her government pals. Lots of government talk that I couldn't comprehend... though what I was hearing caused me to worry about our best than yours country. Oh and man..the staff... unbearable. Really loud and Publizity like (see Kroll show). OIAF had a party there. 2004. My now dead friend, Barry, came by. He's just seen the Leafs/Senators game. He came to tell me that he'd purchased a ticket for me before realizing that the OIAF was on. He presented the ticket to me. Nice memory. Back in 2013, Becca's friend Brigid suddenly pulls out her iphone to show me a video. People like to show animation things to me. I was prepared to watch something blah.. but I was most mightily surprised:

Wasa from Mathias Lachal on Vimeo.