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Soul Eater, Part 2

Download it. Buy the DVD. I don’t care. Just get it! This is by far the coolest series I’ve seen in a long time.

2010 TV Series (episodes 14-26). DVD, bilingual, $59.98. Distributor: FUNimation.

Soul Eater 2

Soul Eater 2

Maka the Meister and her weapon Soul are back for more soul eating escapades – and, to say the least, more teenage shenanigans! If you missed part 1, Meisters are the first line of defense against the forces of evil. At the Grim Reaper’s Death Weapon Meister Academy, these kids train for one reason alone: to master the use of their friends, who literally transform into killing tools. And when Soul becomes a razor-sharp scythe, the action flows like a bloody ballet!

When we last left our deadly duo, Maka was intent on killing enough demons to turn Soul into the ultimate weapon: a Death Scythe. Well, that still is the goal. But the witch Medusa has infiltrated the Grim Reaper’s Academy in a nefarious bid to awaken the Kishin, the superlative force of darkness. Maka and friends must now lay personal plans aside and fight to save the Academy itself.

Sexy cute! Once again, Soul Eater proves to be the perfect blend of anime action, story, and just a tad bit of fan service – yes, I do love that sexy cat Blair.


And in part 2, the stakes are raised, so the action only gets better. Medusa and her minions will wake the Kishin. Consequently, it’s a race against time, and the ensuing desperate action moves like a rogue freight train. Whether it be Maka and Soul, or Death the Kid and the Thompson sisters, you’ll be happily taken down by all the bullets and blades. And when these episodes run out, you'll be desperate for more.


In particular, the battle between Medusa and Professor Stein, the guy with the intertextual (Mary Shelley) bolt in his head, is NOT to be missed. Seriously, if I were a teenage girl, the kind listening to Ke$ha, I’d be on team Stein.

Download it. Buy the DVD. I don’t care. Just get it! This is by far the coolest series I’ve seen in a long time. At no point does Soul Eater try to recycle cliché drama and empty seriousness. These kids are just trying to have a good time, deal with pubescent crushes, and kill kill kill! And for all you adults – like myself –, this is a guilty pleasure you’ll revel in. So much so, and probably to the dismay of your significant other, you’ll soon find yourself in Soul Eater t-shirt.