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Robert Palmer, R.E.M and Dead animator

Dead guy makes nice film.

Buddy i used to play hockey with sent me this film. It's pretty good. Not sure it's my thing, but for a young squirt, it's well done. Plus, it's about addicts. I love addicts. You could say I'm addicted to addicts in a way that Robert Palmer was addicted to love or hot chicks in suits. Whatever happened to Robert Palmer?

I saw Power Station live at Landsdowne Park in Ottawa. Do you believe that? What a summer that was. I saw the Thompson Twins, Paul Young, Howard Jones, and Styx (the Mr. Roboto tour at that, which came with a short film). Only concert I missed was this silly band that played at a local club and almost got into a fight with the audience. They were called REM or R.E.Mor somethin' like that. REM never returned to Ottawa because of that show. I never forgave myself for missing out on a band that I dug for a long time after that.

Oh... i just read that Robert Palmer is dead now. Which brings me back to this film, Puppet. The guy who made it, Joey Fligliomeni died in 2010 at the age of 20. Brutal stuff. Young and talented.  My pal Jason tells me that Joey "could animate in 3D faster than anyone I have ever ran into, even when making rookie mistakes that ate up his time he was fast. His passion was contagious and got me back into dabbling in animating and post production work. I miss the kid a lot."

Maybe he's doing a puppet version of Addicted to Love with Robert Palmer. Maybe not though. Likely not.

Puppet by Joey Figliomeni