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Quick Look: PDP Dual Triggers for PS3

Are you a PS3 gamer with big hands, but a small controller? PDP's Dual Triggers may be the solution.

The Dual Triggers snap on and off your standard PS3 controller easily.

As someone with big hands, I usually find it difficult to keep a good grasp on the standard PS3 controller.  It’s definitely a bit smaller than my preferred XBOX controller, and the shoulder buttons drop off drastically.  This makes it so your fingers sometimes get tired, or slip off if you have large mitts like me.  While searching for a quick and cheap solution I ended up finding a product by PDP (Performance Designed Products.)

The subtly named “Dual Triggers” will run you $5 bucks, and they’re definitely worth the small cost.  They effortlessly snap on to your existing L2/R2 buttons, and extend them a small bit further while adding an actual trigger feel.  They curve upward so you can rest your fingers on the triggers easily.  This manages to make the controller feel much bigger, and more comfortable to use.

There really isn’t much of a downside to them.  It elongates the pull of the trigger slightly, but in a barely noticeable way.  One of my friends who tried them commented he likes a shorter trigger pull in his FPS games – so that may be a factor for some of you.  But for long gaming sessions, or for gamers with bigger hands, I highly recommend PDP’s Dual Triggers for PS3.