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Production Profile: ' DreamKix'

A farmyard football team is made up of various interesting characters, each with their own limitations.


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Comic Action Sports Animation


Age 6 to 12, Family

Total Episodes:

22 minutes x 26 Episodes

Release Date:



CG Animation


DesignStorm Co., Ltd


DreamKix (Korea), Roy portrait copyright (Korea)

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Product Information

  • Synopsis

A farmyard football team is made up of various interesting characters, each with their own limitations. Roy is a dachshund whose legs are too short for his body, thus limiting his ability to play soccer well. Morrie is a bookish, short-sighted mole that has encyclopedic knowledge of just about any topic, especially soccer, and becomes the strategist for the team. Emily is a cow who manages the team but she has no head for sports but ends up becoming the confidence booster for all the players on the team. Finally is, Byrne a sheep that has a mean streak because he was raised by wolves.

There are other athletically-challenged animals who overcome their deficiencies, discover their own unique strengths, and become heroes on the soccer field and winners in their daily lives. Each episode portrays their challenges into the first international football “Dream League”.

  • Character/Specialties

A farmyard football team consists of athletically-challenged everyday animals such as a dog, a chicken, and a sheep.

The main character, Roy, is a dachshund whose legs are way too short to play soccer. But thanks to the help of his friends, Roy learns that his particular physique has its own strength. On the other hand, their opponents are the best, brightest, and most famous football players.

  • What do you think is the best part of this product?

Dreamkix offers a chance to let your imagination run wild. Animals show off their soccer skills that are linked with their own distinct strengths: Zebra’s powerful free kick, Hawk’s sky bomb, and Chameleon’s cover-up. Football matches occur in a variety of locations like Ice Stadium on an iceberg, Sand Stadium in a desert, and Cliff Stadium in an alpine region.

Dreamkix revolves around a Premier International Football League featuring exotic animals who bear astonishing likenesses to today’s football stars and share both their ball skills and their high profile lives i.e. feuds between players, fights with coaches and so on. It also has drama, comedy, thrills, and emotion of the beautiful game, both on and off the field.