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The Pig Farmer; Nick Cross steps up to the plate

Nick Cross releases The Pig Farmer in the same manner that he produced it... boldly, independently and without looking back.

The Pig Farmer from Nick Cross on Vimeo.

Nick Cross says: don't talk about it, DO IT. And he sure does do it. Check out his new production, fresh to internet and in case you haven't been following it, wade back in time through his production blog... I find this man's approach fascinating in so many ways beyond the pure creative abilities he obviously has. He's already off on his next project, and he's so into doing it that it makes me curdle in shame. It will be very interesting to see how festival participation spans out for him, if he's interested in that at all - and how those festivals that are half-way in touch with changes going on around us react to such a talented animator just putting it out there.

Congratulations, nick!