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Ottawa Competition 3 and 4 - Endings are Hard to Do

I have no comment on Competition 3 and only a couple films stood out for me in Competition 4.

By Sharon Katz.

Competition 3

No Comment

Competition 4 - "Endings are the hardest thing to do" - Paul Fierlinger (October 24, 2010)

Only a couple of films from this competition stood out for me.

Line by Hyeong-ik Park And Hong-ran Yoon.

Line is an undergraduate animation created by Hyeong-ik Park And Hong-ran Yoon of Korea. This interesting little film is about the antagonistic tensions between a man and a woman living in adjacent rooms. The 2D lines that draw the characters begin on paper and move seamlessly to the surfaces of walls and buildings in the real world. Beyond the story itself, it invites questions about what is and what isn't a 2D surface.

Going West by Martin Andersen and Line Andersen.

Going West by Martin Andersen and Line Andersen is an intriguing promotional animation that visualizes the experience of being absorbed in the reading of a good book. The book being referred to in the piece is "Going Back" written by Maurice Gee. The animators use the technique of stop-motion cut paper animation. Houses, high-rises, grass, trees, even electricity pylons rise elegantly from the pages of an open book. Delicate and complex, these cut paper forms combine with a voice-over reading the book's text, together creating a remarkable visual and auditory experience. 

Sharon Katz is a visual artist working in still and animated imagery. Her award winning animations screen at art and film festivals around the world, and her drawings and paintings are held in art collections in Canada and abroad. You can visit her website at and reach her by email at

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