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MINI REVIEW: Mega Man 10

The Blue Bomber is back to bring a barrage of bullets to the butts of bad bots! Hit the jump to see the Mini-Review of Mega Man 10!

I’m glad Capcom decided to, once again, revisit the old-school graphics of the NES style in Mega Man 10. Everyone loved that about Mega Man 9 so why not do it again? The graphics aren’t the only old-school aspect of Mega Man 10 though; the difficulty is just as frustrating as it was 20 years ago! This game is “true to form” by being masochistically hard! So hard in fact that Capcom has added an Easy Mode to allow the “not so seasoned” gamer a fighting chance at actually getting through this thing!

In Mega Man 9 you were able to buy a downloadable add-on which unlocked Proto Man as a playable character. Now, Proto Man is available right from the beginning. Players choose from the start whether they want to play as Mega Man or Proto Man; however, once you pick who you want you can’t change your mind in mid game. You have to stick with who you picked. Be forewarned, Proto Man has abilities that Mega Man doesn’t but at a severe price; he takes insane amounts of damage!

Even though Proto Man is on board from the start, players can still go online to buy and download an additional playable character in the form of Bass! That’s right, Bass is now in the mix and he starts off with abilities which call out his counterpart Treble to help him out. Creative bad guys are ever present in Mega Man 10 such as Nitro Man who rides a motorcycle as you fight him. The original “Bad Guy” designer, Keiji Inafune, who was the designer of the very first Mega Man bosses has returned to design the new bosses of Mega Man 10 and all of them are outstanding designs… except for Sheep man. He’s a freakin’ sheep that turns into a cloud.

The best part about Mega Man 10 is the save system and the shop. I wish to God we had a decent save system for the old games that we used to play as kids. It would have saved us years of aggravation. The shop is where you can buy all sorts of items that will help you throughout the game such as weapon tanks, energy tanks and extra men. The worst part about Mega Man 10 is that it is damn near impossible to get any of the Trophies or Achievements! There are Achievements in there that require you to beat the game without getting hit once, or beat the game without wearing the helmet which causes you to take double damage! Seriously! If you can manage to get any of these Trophies then you have officially earned bragging rights! Mega Man 10 is pure, old-school awesomeness; and at only $10 it’s also a bargain.