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Long Title Test Information

This is an example of the short summary abstract. You can look at other blog posts as they appear around the site to get an idea of how you wish to fill this out.

Here is an example body text.  Keep in mind that this is a wysiwig editor that insulates you from the actual html that gets created.  So, if you want to edit / check out the html, just click the html icon in the function bar header.

If you copy and paste from web pages or directly from a Word doc, inevitably you'll capture really crappy formatted html which will muck up the post and be near impossible to edit in the html editor mentioned above.  My suggestion is to write in the most basic formatting in Word and use the Word insert button function (next to the print button on the 2nd row of the header) to put the copy into the body.  Sometimes there can be extra line spacing created during such an import - you need to see what quirks your system has with this function.  Line spaces are then easy to delete from within the body once you've imported the Word doc with the word import function.

It is possible to accidentally paste from web pages or other docs and introduce html that iwll break the page upon render.  Sometimes that doesn't present itself to you upon the first submit - you should always review your postings from your blog home page to see your abstract and full post. 

Now, I'm going to insert a graphic image with caption.  A couple tricks to keep in mind. First, if you go to the first letter of the caption and hit the enter key, you'll introduce an additional line space between the image and the caption, which looks a bit nicer.  You can also highlight and bold the caption to make it stick out a bit more.  If you insert an image and you then wish to move it, you are better off deleting it and the caption and reinserting it.  It has a fair amount of html around it that you don't see in the editor so it's not just a simple drag and drop.

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The default image insertion position is centeed, but you can align left or right if you wish.  One other thing to note about images.  Because you guys are more advanced users than most, you can take advantage of some of these things if desired.  There is an image edit icon button in the header bar.  That is for images not inserted via the Image Picker function.  That is for images that reside off our server - you'd need to imput a path, etc., but you can futz with images that way as well.  In that case, you have different controls a bit - you can see those within the image edit function box itself.

Good luck - let me know if you have questions!


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