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William Burroughs likes Wool.

Phil Hunt is my FB chum. I like him. He's funny. His kid spells the C-word, S-H-I-T.

He directed a nifty kids short feature Lost and Found...although I remember him for his most enjoyable and mind twisting Ah Pook is Here featuring William S. Burroughs (Do we need the "S"?). Bill Burroughs sounds smoother. Good baseball name.


Phil spends the bulk of his time work as one of the directors of STUDIO AKA. His latest work is a creative little short commissioned (via Graphic Thought Facility) by a Danish textile company, Kvadrat. The Kvadrat folks asked Hunt and co. to create a work based on an installation in their Stockholm showroom. The installation features a variety of large abstract forms (inspired by early Bauhaus) created using a variety of Kvadrat wool fabrics. Hunt's job was to translate this into animation. He did that. He did that very well. The objects weave and dance through space.

My mom knits lots of wool stuff. Couple of years back she knitted my sons 4 sets of hats and mitts. I thought it was crazy. I was wrong. Within six months, the boys had misplaced half of the sets. My mom was not crazy. She knew what would be.

Bravo Mom. Bravo Phil. 

The Wool Parade: