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It's all about ME!

First blog introduction with a brief trip review of where I want to go and what I want to see along the way. Jump in, plenty of room inside.

Milt Vallas

I have been wondering how I should begin with this new thing, to write a regular blog for AWN as one of their new-featured experts.  Being me, I think I’ll start with a gripe.  Calling yourself an expert is in of itself an uncomfortable thing, at least for me.  It’s always safer to offer a more modest appraisal of oneself, you know, if someone asks what you look like you don’t answer: “I’m really a stunning blonde” or  “I look a lot like a young Cary Grant.”  No, No, you don’t say that!  You say “I’m kinda slender and have long blonde hair and blue eyes” or “I’m a lanky 6’2” somewhat tan and have a dimple in my chin” and let the them figure out the rest…

Experts are guys you call in when you have termites or your air conditioner is on the fritz..  These are the people that advertise themselves as experts.  You know, Expert Tax Preparation or Expert Shoe Repair while you wait!  And who knows, maybe they really are experts and know everything about their field but I know for me that after forty years in this business I still am learning new things every day.

So to kick this think off I will refer to myself as experienced which I suppose could be taken a lot of ways.  I deeply appreciate being thought of as an expert and I will do my best not to let anyone down but if I slip now and again on some esoteric fact or refer to a remorphed gizmo as a semi-widget, forgive me, I’m not an expert, just a guy that’s been around and is still trying to figure out this crazy, wonderful business.

As this is my first time up at the plate I’m going to start slow and take a few pitches before I start swinging.  In the many years I’ve been doing this I’ve done pretty much everything from production to opening offshore studios to taking an animation company public on NASDAQ.  In the coming weeks and months I will write about things that are of interest to me and I hope will be to you as well.  I have been blessed to work with some of the most talented and creative people in this business, and on occasion I will remember them and what lessons they taught me.  I will write about a lot of stuff like business and finance, co-productions and I might even take a flyer and write something involving technology and how it is changing the industry or maybe review some film that had me grinding my teeth or feeling blissfully renewed. 

At the very least I will try to be somewhat informative and not take myself too seriously.  It’s good for all of us to remember that after all is said and done we are taking about the animation industry, not nuclear waste disposal, so stay positive and stay creative and with a little bit of good luck and a load of hard work, good things will come.

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