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I'm A Bully

Canada beats up bullies. Not really. Sorta maybe. No. yes. I'm so stupid. Always mess things up. I'm worthless.

Bullying was big in my day. 70s/80s. dad bullied with fists and words. mom bullied with silence. i got bullied at school. I bullied at school. We made a guy touch white shit with his tongue. Why? Cause we were assholes. Some kids came to my house and got me into trouble for something I didnt do. Pops, naturally, believed them. They eventually admitted they were lying. I respected them more than my lousy father. he was a cop. I saw him screaming at a fragile little old lady once at the station. Had a friend with me. Was so embarassed. I remember being about 5-6 and chasing some little girl down the road just cause I got pleasure from knowing she was scared shitless. Making her cry made me feel strong and good and useful. Teased. teased teased. I hated being teased. Saw my pops wrestle my mother to the ground and sit on her. She threw a wine glass at him. They deserved each other. Bullies each.

I grew up into a bully. Explosive temper. Sarcasm. Put downs. Smashed things. Temper tantrums. Take everything personally. I was mean to people I loved. 

It got me in big trouble.

Don't be me.