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I like to put on women's clothing

Just who are lumberjacks and why is the NFB celebrating them? Why 'jacks'? Anyone?

I'm no lumberjack but I did help my lovepal Rebecca cut down an xmas tree. Used a saw. Didn't dance on it though. We did accidently steal the saw. Becca returned it though.  I've never quite got the whole lumberjack thing. I don't even know why they're called 'jacks'. Maybe someone can explain. My introduction to lumberjacks was likely via Monty Python. It's a tired song now though and the whole mountie thing that 'others' like to use in EVERY parody of Canadians is sleepy... no...not's dead. Whether it's South Park, 30 Rock, Kroll Show (do watch the Kroll show. Nick Kroll is funny)... 'others' keep returning to the same lazy stereotypes: ABOOT... EH!... Beavers... Hockey... Igloos... Mounties...We apologize all the time...we're so polite.  That's really all you can churn out? At least the Python's made the guy a transvestite and mocked machismo. 

What was I here for? Oh yeah... saw this page at the NFB's site. A young woman with the last name Weldon. Maybe related to that animator guy. Hope not. She put together a little mini... i mean...tiny...not even mini...just mi... of NFB films made over the years about lumberjacks. Couple of them are CARTOONS!. One of them made by that Weldon guy. He doesnt like me. I want to hug him and hold him and tell him everything will be okay. But I won't.

For the kids...the translation here is: "bunch of cool old films about dropping logs. heh heh." (embedding NFB films is not easy it seems so i havent bothered. Needs government approval. HA ha ...get it? See...that's a good comedy target).

Canada Vignettes: Logger by Al Sens, National Film Board of Canada 

More films and deeper meanings here: