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Homage to Venice Beach

Edward reflects on the calm beauty of Venice Beach before he travels again, this time for a long stay in Beijing.

Until now most, if not all, of my blogs have been inspired and dedicated to reflections on deeper human issues. The very last one shared my intense experience of the conflict between Israel and the West Bank, likely one of the most complex of topics. The last 6 months, which seems to be the magic period of time I spend in various places around the world, I lived in Los Angeles. Going there I anticipated being turned off by the plasticity and artificiality, even superficiality of the people, and the environment there. And so, for the initial period, one in which I was subletting in Beverly Hills, of all of the places, my expectations were fulfilled. People were polite but yet in the kind of insincere way we can be towards each other. But then I moved to another location and people as well as the character of the environment changed to, becoming less plastic, less fake, less bogus. This was a welcomed change. And thus Los Angeles grew on me. And so, now having just departed this vast entity, at least for now, after spending the last couple of weeks in Venice Beach there, to culminate the experience and unwind in preparation for the challenges ahead, I thought to reflect upon some of the beauty I encountered there, and was truly touched by. Wishing to make this purely emotional and subliminal, I shall refrain from further words and allow the images to speak for themselves. I do hope you shall enjoy them and find in them some calm and peace.

Now, a few weeks since my wandering around the Venice Beach, reflecting back on the experience of these several days during which I was free to be able and free to distress sufficiently from the time I spent in Los Angeles,  and the forthcoming departure for China, where I have been invited to take on a role of the Professor & KoGuan Chair of Digital Arts & Design @ Peking University, I can honestly state, I miss it.

I miss an ability to reconnect with Nature in the simplest of organic, tactual, visual, vocal, emotional and sensuous ways most of us have forgotten we are capable of. We, not all but many, metamorphose into rats, or those of us who are nicer into hamsters, furiously spinning in circles believing that we are actually making a difference and advancing towards the other end of our rainbows. And during the time vested in this process, through which some of us actually find that pot of gold or, those nicer of us, a dream we have aspired to from when back, so many waives have swooped over the infinite grains of sand upon which we walk or run or dip our feet or hands or bodies in, instinctively welcoming the natures caresses, grateful to it for awakening in us the senses we have forgotten to be there as part of who we humans are.   

Before departing to China, and landing in the city in which the air itself has turned into a poisonous, dark and filthy grind, before assuming an exciting and challenging role in which I truly aim to make a difference to a new generation of young, hungry and aspiring talent, I thought it important to reflect once more on what I am leaving behind and will profoundly miss. And so, off I go on to my next crusade. Wish me luck.

The next series of blogs will likely be motivated and inspired by my discovery, exploits and experience in a country that is synonymous with an awakening, starving and ferocious dragon. World, watch out!!!