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The Holidays are here so relax and enjoy yourself!

Don't worry, no one get's anything done over the holidays.

Wishing All a Very Merry and Well Animated Christmas!

It seems that everyone is frantically trying to get all the things done that the season demands and many of us are still working, or trying to work at the same time.   Not easy.

Some of us have projects that are waiting for financing, approvals, partners to come on board or contracts to be signed…..  Of course we are out of luck.  We look at one another and shake our heads.

Damn Holidays!  People are leaving their offices and getting away midway through the month and a lot of them won’t be back, mentally at least, until after the first week in January…  

We sit there staring at our phones and checking our email every few minutes -  Nothing.  The rats ran off to enjoy themselves with their friends and families over the holidays and left us hanging… 

Word of advice from one who has chewed the erasers off of his pencils in the past because he couldn’t get anything done over the holidays…  Go with the flow, stop staring at your phone and checking your emails.   You can’t change it so adjust.  It’s Christmas and the business looks to be very healthy and robust.   Animated films are everyone’s darlings and that’s good for all of us so take the time to enjoy your family, have some eggnog, get the pillows just right on the couch for the football games and get ready for a great 2010!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year