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SATIRE: George Clooney Urges Britain to Return Stolen VFX Jobs to U.S.

‘Monuments Men’ star says U.K. not only should return art treasures to Greece but VFX jobs to the U.S.

George Clooney Urges Britain to Return Stolen VFX Jobs to U.S.

Actor and director George Clooney outside Friday press conference. Clooney claims the "effing wanker" British should return VFX jobs stolen from California as well as priceless art looted from all over the world.

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Speaking at a Friday press conference for his new film The Monuments Men, director George Clooney urged Britain to return VFX jobs stolen from California, claiming Americans “have a legitimate case” in demanding their return.

Responding to a Greek journalist’s question about claims Britain should return “appropriated” historical art treasures, Clooney responded, “Britain has a long history of swiping far more important stuff from the U.S. than the ridiculous number of priceless historical artifacts they’ve looted from around the world. First, they took our Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Next, they took all the good movie villain roles.  Then, they stole The Office. But that wasn’t enough. So, they decided to steal our visual effects industry. Effing wankers.”

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