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Forms of Light: The Films of Malcolm Sutherland

New book focuses on work of Canadian animator, Malcolm Sutherland.


For over a decade, Malcolm Sutherland has produced some of the most impressive, stylistically freewheeling, and intelligent animated films in Canada. His work ranges in style from the comedy of Fleischer Brothers cartoons to the animated abstract expressionisms of Norman McLaren and Pierre Hébert, to works reminiscent of the playful and profound inventiveness of Spanish artist, Joan Miró.

The Canadian Film Institute recently published a book devoted to Sutherland's films.  Contributors include Scott Birdwise, Nobuaki Doi, Keltie Duncan, Tom McSorley, Igor Prassel, Chris Robinson, Jerrett Zaroski.

Here's a film Mr. Malcolm made. It's called Bout. It'll make you wanna punch someone.