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Digital conference shows there is money in mobile

Experts say there is money in mobile content

First I want to apologize for my long silence. Things got a bit rough this summer with the sudden death of Rick Grossman our friend and business partner.  We are still morning his departure but are back at work.

The end of September found me at a seminar in Copenhagen where Wendy Bernfeld ( organized a digital marketing conference. She invited Thomas Mai to speak with her. That conference put the wind in my sails and hope in the hearts of an audience full of producers. I won't go into the details of the whole conference as on the face of it it was not really for mobile but internet marketing. never-the-less Wendy, who I consider, one of Europe's top experts on digital content, had good news. Not only is there a market for mobile content but it is even being commissioned. That means : yes folks there is money in it. She also spoke of exciting initiatives such the italian release of Memoirs of a Geisha. guess what - it came out on mobile first! Names of companies that kept coming up - Babelgum, Sony, Mobile Film Works, Vuguru*. 

Other cool tidbits:

- branded programming is being commissioned - call it new age advertising - or i do. That is content is commissioned around themes that are brand ID such as Philipps asked producers to do content around the theme of simplicity.

- device companies are trying to get content traction so good candidates to approach with your ideas are the likes of Nokia, Motorola and RIM.

- do consider the trio support-user-content. That is do not develop a product for 8 to 10 year olds for a device or application that is not prevalent in that target group. Its not like TV or film where that is irrelevant you need to know a bit about who uses what.

* the creation of this Michael Eisner venture is a sure sign that there is money in mobile.

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