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Congratulatations to all those (and others) being recogonized at the 37th Annie Awards

If you love animation and award shows than the Annies are your cup of tea.


The 37th annual Annie Awards will be held at Royce Hall this Saturday and I want to congratulate all of those in our industry and craft that will be recognized and honored by their peers that evening.

As you may know I am not a fan of award shows but I do believe in saluting those who have worked hard and done exceptional work.  Actually I could be a fan of awards if there was no show attached, but I’ve flogged that poor horse before so I’ll let it go for now.

I mention the Annie Awards because I want to also congratulate and commend the rest of you out there that worked your butts off on projects that you cared about and helped create films that expressed different viewpoints, made us laugh or cry and that even may have wondered off the beaten path.  Whether you worked by yourself and made your film in your bedroom on your laptop, or with a few friends on a school project or with professionals on a laughable budget…. You made the journey that was the actual prize. 

Anytime you feel connected to the work, even if you are just a small part of a large team, you will forever feel pride and pleasure in that accomplishment.  This can happen on large studio productions or on small films that express singular viewpoints.  It doesn’t matter if the film won any awards, there joy should be in the doing, not just in the recognition of having done.

So to all of you I doff my hat and offer my congratulations.  Keep working and dreaming and you will always have the real prize.