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Company Profile: 'Iconix Entertainment Co., Ltd.'

Iconix Entertainment Co., Ltd. is an animation production, distribution, and licensing specializing company.

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Iconix Entertainment Co., Ltd.


18F, IT Castle 2, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul, Korea

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Animation Production, Distribution, Consumer Product Licensing, Publication, Toy Merchandising, On-line Distribution

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EBS, KBS, Disney Asia, Cartoon Network UK, ABC Australia, TF1, Tiji, TVB, ETTV, DR TV, TV2

Company Profile

Iconix Entertainment Co., Ltd. is an animation production, distribution, and licensing specializing company. Based on preproduction know-hows, pan-universal network, international competitiveness, that has been accumulated through various project experiences from both the domestic as well as the overseas market, Iconix Entertainment has been a leading company for the creative animation producing and licensing business in the Korean TV animation industry. Since 1996, Iconix has produced 8 series, over 130 half hour episodes including 'Michel', 'Pororo the Little penguin', 'Chiro', 'Z rangers', 'Taichi Chaser', as well as others, and has exported its animation series and domestic representative programs through the go-ahead overseas distribution and leading Korean wave of animation. Iconix Entertainment is also establishing its own 3D production studio, “Studio Gale”, publishing and toy brand (“Kids Icon”) and is making effort to initiate new businesses, such as building retail distribution channels, an online shopping mall and an e-learning site. Iconix Entertainment will continue to strive to be the best animation producer and licensing company which provides dreams and hopes to children. Iconix Entertainment’s popular character, "Pororo the Little Penguin" has been the number one show and consumer products for several years and it has been sold over 100 countries worldwide.

Who We Are

  • Describe your current business status in the local/global market.

Korea: A TV animation production and distribution company (200 episodes for 8 TV series distributed through 20 networks). A local distributor (Provided 500 episodes for 20 series to Korean networks). Character licensing production (Produced 3000 items with 100 licensees)

Toy and publication (in-house production and distribution over 50 items.). TV shopping and online shopping distribution (Sales through CJ Mall and operates an online shopping mall business (partnering with NHN). A subsidiary 3D production studio (Studio Gale)

International: Animation distributor (30 series over 100 countries). Licensing business in Asia and Europe. Co-production with oversea partners. Animation import (imported 300 episodes a year)

  • Describe your key products.

Pororo the Little penguin:An animation targeted at pre-schoolers. The series has aired for 6 years on EBS and has become the a beloved character. The series has created 3000 licensed items and that have been sold in over 100 countries.

Chiro:The second animation of Iconix targets pre-schoolers. The series has gained a large fan base since it aired in 2007 and was then exported to England (Five), Japan (NHK), Denmark (DR), and Spain (TV3).

1000jamun:A 2D animation co-produced with KBS and Toei provides education in a form of entertainment.

Z rangers:The first collaboration between KBS and Tooniverse. 

  • What are your company’s main strengths?

Iconix possesses a symbiotic system that starts from animation to marketing and licensing business. The company knows the animation industry inside and out. 

  • What are the greatest challenges, both from a creative and business standpoint that companies like yours face in today’s economy?

Iconix has been expanding the pre-schooler market in Korea but still faces with some limitations. Iconix will expand its target market with competitive contents in Korea as well as in the global market.

  • Describe your plans for 2010.

Iconix is in the process of developing classic music videos of “Chiro” and “Little Bus Tayo”, Pororo educational series, and Pororo 4.