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Cinemetrics; film analysis gets beautiful

If you’ve inherently suspected that there’s a structural difference between a soccer match, a space odyssey and your favorite porno but never been able to put your finger on it, cinemetrics is for you. It beautifully lays out a film like a flower of pencil shavings, colored according to the film’s palette and oscillated according to amounts of screen movement. Stunning… and informative. Compare genres, director’s oeuvres or remakes… its a beautiful step back from the cinematic experience.

Frederic Brodbeck should get picked up by imdb, or alternatively, he should pick them up. He's created a film analysis tool that concisely and visually spreads out various data from a film in an attractive arc. Attractive, compelling and damned informative. I want to see an aniamtion genre analysis!

Thanks to creative applications for the heads up.

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