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BEST OF 2009: Best Underground Title

AWN's series on the best video games of 2009 continues. Hit the jump to see our list of best underground titles.

BRONZE AWARD Mini Ninjas - PS3, Wii, 360 and PC

Mini Ninjas has gorgeous looking visuals; the models were cute yet powerful, the cel shaded texture maps were gorgeous and very well balanced in color scheme and very little coherent words in the dialogue meant that the animations had to speak very loudly and they do. The audio was perfect from the hilarious dialogue by the main characters and the samurai to the mood inducing Japanese style background music. The gameplay is simple yet never gets old. A great title all around.


A Boy and His Blob - Wii

This title surprised everyone. There hasn't been a new Boy and His Blob game in decades! WayForward, who have always been known for great 2D art in their games, put together this exclusive Wii title that intruduced a game with gorgeous and heartwarming 2D visuals as well as challenging puzzle-based gameplay. A Boy and His Blob is a definite must-have for Wii owners and is deserving of being on this list of best underground hits.


Scribblenauts - DS

Was there any doubt that this would be the underground game of the year!? Scribblenauts is probably one of the most ingenious titles in video game history. In any puzzle game, players have to find the solution to the puzzle that they are solving. Not in Scribblenauts! You had to be MacGyver and create your own solutions to the puzzles that Scribblenauts offered. Nearly 23,000 items were at your disposal in Scribblenauts from an Electro-Magnetic Pulse to Santa Claus! Scribblenauts is out exclusively for the DS and if you don't already own it then you suck!