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Attention! Mushroom Moving to the Orlando Area and All That Includes...To The Land of Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally Sauce

A "mushroom" and his wife take flight south to the land of theme parks for a new adventure in animation.


a "mushroom " during moving days

Well, it had to happen sometime. As much fun as Savannah is or was – there comes a time when a move is the next progressive step. For us, it seems to be every four or five years. We lived to Northern Virginia for 10 years – those were our nurturing years when we were growing and establishing our family. Then came five years In Ireland, five years in Orlando,  five years at SCAD,  four years of independent development in art, animation and the filmmaking circuit.  Now – well, it is back to Apopka, FL. for what will hopefully be for a while.  Where my wonderful wife has followed me all over the world – this time it is a mutual relocation to benefit her job and mine.

For my part, I will be teaching animation at Full Sail University.  The animation staff are mainly folks who worked at Disney Feature’s Orlando Studio. Most importantly, the artistic onus is art based which to me makes a huge difference in animation education.

I will continue to develop Incubator Studio projects and make films.

The amount of positive aspects to this move makes it a no-brainer. We get sunshine, we are still less than an hour to a beach, we get to be condo-dwellers with a pool and workout room, most of all, my wife and I get to live together fulltime – which was spotty at best during her training and my hectic business/production schedules.

Now I get to teach, animate, paint, write and swim! Wonder if I could learn to animate and swim at the same time – might be worth the effort.

The SHOW on Tybee Island, Ga.

Mr. Pelican's morning dance

I will miss quirky, beautiful Savannah with its historic  houses, parks, squares fountains, cafes and the “on the fringe people”. My favorite parts were the Islands, especially, Whitemarsh, Wilmington and Tybee. My eight minute treks to the Tybee Island to see the “show” at dawn  were great. I did most of my Savannah based painting (oils and watercolors) on Tybee Island.

more of the SHOW

 Heck, Ty B. Bear was created there and has become a mini icon on cards, artwork, t-shirts - and he and his friends have inspired me to write two children’s books. I am sure Ty B. will live on – he is an “Island dweller” and a mainstay.

Ty B. Bear