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Another Reason to Love Viz and San Francisco

Viz Cinema, the nation's first theater devoted exclusively to Japanese film and anime. If you're in town, here is the list of events for February.

J-Pop Center

San Francisco is a special place. I can recount numerous first drives across the Bay Bridge, followed by lengthy expeditions along a shortish Embarcadero. The odor of sea salt and lemon drops sliding down fragments of white fish always overpowered the stained carpets of motor lodges along Lombard, or even the antibacterial labor of The Handlery’s cleaning staff. And, of course, how can I forget that ginger-glazed crab devoured under the watchful eyes of catfish in Chinatown.

I can go on and on. Didn’t even mention City Lights, or her small room on Russian Hill. But it’ll just make me want to buy a plane ticket. And, frankly, the Viz pr releases aren’t helping. Enter Viz Cinema, the nation’s first theater devoted exclusively to Japanese film and anime.

If you’re in the area, here is the list of events, as sent to me by Viz, for February:

Don’t miss the chance to see shinigami death gods, animated giant robots and a prophecy of the end of the world – all on the big screen with THX sound in SF’s most edgy new theatre!

Catch a special Death Note movie marathon on Saturday, January 30th in support of the Animation On Display convention taking place at the nearby Hotel Kabuki.

On February 9th, the theatre will screen 20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope to celebrate the release of the second DVD of the exciting live-action film trilogy from VIZ Pictures.

And see an encore double-feature presentation of Gurren Lagann: The Movie 1 & 2for one night only – on Sunday February 21st.

These films are audience favorites!

Also don’t miss VIZ Cinema’s celebration of director Isshin Inudo with premieres of Josee, The Tiger and The Fish and La Maison De Himiko,

Preview trailers and screening times for all films are available at: