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Down and Out in Toon Town: The Status of Animation Jobs in the United States

Lately it seems as if everyone is out of work or in jeopardy. Has the local animation biz gone bust due to globalization? A normal downward cycle? Or is something else to blame? Ilene Renee Gannaway investigates.


Adventurous Action Abounds on

In a new and novel on-line domain, the legendary comics creator Stan 'The Man' Lee is gleefully at work launching a commanding cache of super-hero worlds. Go quickly to Be ready for a lot of visually compelling, action-adventure magic -- timeless in appeal and timely in presentation to a whole new world of Netizens hungry for engaging episodic fare. Go for the adventures, the laughs, the games, the community...and other evolving "bits" that Lee's band of digital revolutionaries are developing into the most comprehensive, individually branded site on the Web today.Stan...