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Animators Unearthed: Two fer One Special: 'Who I Am and What I Want'/'Silence is Golden' by Chris Shepherd

Chris Robinson gives a two fer one special in this months Animators Unearthed, digging up Chris Shepherds Who I Am and What I Want and Silence is Golden.

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Transition: From a Job to a Passion

By Jan Nagel | Wednesday, May 31, 2006 at 12:00am

In 2001-2002 about 30% or 850 members of the Animation Guild Local 839 in the U.S. took advantage of the Contract Services Administration Fund (CSATF) Grant for retraining, according to Steve Hulett, business representative for the union.

Members who do hand drawing are retrained in storyboarding and CGI skills. The union has not been able to track these brave souls seeking new careers if theyve made it or not. Hulett guesses that maybe 20% have made some sort of transition into another animation job.

There are also countless people who have transitioned from what they considered a humdrum life into becoming part of the exciting industry of animation and visual effects.