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Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Television Commercial

Last year, Old Navy called on John Kricfalusi, the creator of the original Ren & Stimpy Show to create a pair of commercials for their Big Pockets and Flares Jeans. The response to the first two spots was phenominal. Children even wrote the networks asking for a TV series featuring the characters they saw in the commercials. ASIFA-Hollywood awarded Spumco's Old Navy Jeans commercials the Annie for Best Commercial of 1998.

This year, John K. followed up the jeans spots with a pair of commercials advertising Old Navy Performance Fleece Pullovers. In the boy's spot, Bug Boy enters into a toboggan race with his pals. He whips out a rocket powered toboggan and takes off into space. The rocket sputters to a halt, and he floats back down to earth right on the finish line, using the hood of the Boys' Hooded Fleece as a parachute. In the Girl's Fleece spot, Roxy is having trouble keeping steady on her ice skates. Just when she is about to give up, her fairy goddog, the Curly Fleece Poodle comes to her aid, helping her win first prize in a skating contest. Spumco is currently developing these characters for a Saturday morning cartoon series called The Heartaches.

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