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Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Short Subject

Living Forever is the story of a young boy who is seeking the artist who inspired him. The boy has a gift for his mentor, which can only be delivered in person; a gift that will ultimately change both of their lives, and the way they each see the world...

FableVision Studios presents an animated story from the pen of Peter Reynolds, author of The North Star and creator of the award-winning film, The Blue Shoe. Directed by Gary Goldberger, with lead animation by Matt Ducharme and an original score by Jim Anderson, Peter's gentle illustrations are beautifully brought to life, in a tale that is both inspiring and thought-provoking.

I wrote Living Forever in a coffee shop this spring. I had been thinking about how wonderful it would be to meet children's book author and illustrator, William Steig, but I wondered why he would want to be bothered to speak to me. Like a bolt of lightning I realized why. The idea just flowed out of me nonstop. I composed and drew it on napkins. I decided not to redraw them, rather to scan them in as is. I am a strong believer in mentorship and sharing our gift with others.
--Peter Reynolds

Techniques used:
Living Forever was produced using TicTacToon from ToonBoom Technologies. It was done using a paperless, cel-style system with backgrounds being done in watercolor and then scanned in. The advantage of the TicTacToon system is its capability to stay completely digital, from artwork to final animated product, leading to high quality "D1" image resolution.


FableVision presents
Living Forever by Peter Reynolds

For William Steig

Executive Producer - William Churchill
Produced by - Gary Goldberger
Illustration by - Peter Reynolds
Narration by - Richard Davies
Original Score by - Jim Anderson
Lead Animator - Matt Ducharme
Animators - Peter Reynolds, John Lechner, Gary Goldberger Digital
Effects - John Lechner, Gary Goldberger Editors - Keri Green, Adem Bush
Special Thanks - Sound Techniques, ToonBoom Technology,
also - Laura Sabolefski, Gabriel Polonski, Doug Kornfeld, Aldo Servino

All clips and images © FableVision. All rights reserved.