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Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production: Charlie Adler, as the voice of Cow

Cow and Chicken, an Emmy nominated series created by veteran animator David Feiss, follows the mis-adventures of a surreal pair of siblings whose relationship is underscored by their absurd identity - little sister Cow (seven years old, 6 ft., 400 lbs.) and big brother Chicken (11 years old, 18 inches, 4 lbs.). They live in a suburban house, with human parents, and play with human friends who think it's really cool that Cow has udders and chicken has a beak. Like most elementary-age siblings, the two farm animals share a sincere affection for each other, despite their episodes.

Charlie Adler, the voice of Cow, Chicken and I.R. Baboon, easily moved from Broadway to become one of the most sought-after voice-over artists in the animation industry. Adler voices 100 characters in over 80 animated series.

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