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Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Short Subject

Baking alone in her kitchen, tattered old Bunny receives a troublesome late-night visitor from the deepest woods -- or deeper. A hairy moth, as battered as Bunny is, seems to be stalking her, and her attempts to remove it only make it more insistent. What is it about this nocturnal pest that stirs her deepest fears and memories? To find out, she must go through an emotional metamorphosis that sheds a whole new light on this quirky but heart-warming tale.

We started our studio over 10 years ago with all the money we could scrape together. We struggled without pay for a long time developing software and pounding the pavement for business. Bunny started with ideas about what our software could do someday and the kinds of moves we could make with it.
-- Chris Wedge

Blue Sky Studios

Awards Won by Bunny:
Academy Award(AMPAS) (USA)
Imagina Prix Pixel (France)
Grand Prix Imagina
Prix Pixel Ina Fiction
Prix Pixel Ina Animation 3D
Oberhausen 45th International Short Film and Video Festival (Germany)
Children Competition Award
ASIFA (USA): (Best of Show)
ITS Monitor Finalist (USA): (Best Overall Achievement)
Best Director
Prix Ars Electronica (Brazil):
Golden Nica
Dream Centenary Computer Graphics Grand Prix (Japan)
Vila do Conde Film Festival (Portugal): Premios / Jury Prizes RTP Onda Curta
New York Animation Festival: Best Digital Animation Overall

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