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ANIMATIONWorld Fresh from the Festivals: November 2001's Film Reviews

Jon Hofferman reviews five short films fresh from the festival circuit: Tom Schroeder's traumatic Bike Ride, E=mc2 by Alina Hiu-Fan Chau, Insect Poetry from Will Vinton Studios' Marilyn Zornado, Lint People by Helder K. Sun and Maaz by Christian Volckman. Includes QuickTime movie clips!

ANIMATIONWorld The Spectacular Hi-Fi/Low-Fi Sounds and Images of Studio FilmTecknarna

Armed with diverse styles and techniques, a knowledge and love of music, smart, subversive wit and a desire to innovate one never knows what to expect from Sweden's Studio FilmTecknarna, just that it will probably be visually and aurally riveting, while offering some food for thought.