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ANIMATIONWorld On a Desrt Island With ... Dreamworks SKG Executives

This month we heard from the following DreamWorks SKG executives when we posed the question, "What ten films would you want to have with you if stranded on a desert island?" Alicia Gold is one of DreamWorks' key development executives. Her recent projects include the upcoming features Shrek, Spirit and Tusker. Max Howard is currently producing Spirit, while Bonne Radford is a producer on The Road to El Dorado.

Alicia Gold's picks: 1. Being There by...

ANIMATIONWorld Fresh From the Festivals: October 1999's Film Reviews

Within the world of animation, most experimentation occurs within short format productions, whether they be high budgeted commercials, low budgeted independent shorts, or something in between. The growing number of short film festivals around the world attest to the vitality of these works, but there are few other venues for exhibition of them or even written reviews. As a result, distribution tends to be difficult and irregular. On a regular basis, Animation World ...