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The Trouble with Jimmy

The first hint should have been the name of the Norwegian TV series the film was based on: Two Wasted Wankers.

The CG animation feature Free Jimmy has been touring the festivals of Europe since its premiere in 2006, racking up such prestigious awards as the Annecy Cristal. At the same time, it has struggled to find distribution because of its uncompromisingly dark themes, including drugs, sex, and some hilarious grotesque violence. The production itself seemed cursed by this dark vision: it took six years to make and featured a series of misadventures worthy of a film in themselves.


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Drawing and Thinking with Koji Yamamura

"Many people ask me whether I use 3D techniques." The filmmaker gave a half-grin. "The answer is no. The way I get the 3D effect is that I draw a shade drawing at the same time as the normal drawing." As one of the festival judges, filmmaker Koji Yamamura (Mt. Head, Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor) presented a lecture on his working methodologies. He also had an extensive graphic art show and a retrospective of his films.

Mainly drawing directly on paper with a myriad of colored pencils, Koji scans the artwork and arranges the layers -- sometimes 10-20 -- using Japanese animation software....