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Fresh from the Festivals: July 2003's Film Reviews

Jon Hofferman reviews five short films fresh from the festival circuit: Plugs McGinniss, Seeing Eye Dog by Aaron Augenblick, Requiem by Roger Oda, Ski Jumping Pairs by Riichiro Mashima, The Toll Collector by Rachel Johnson and Tunanooda by David Zackin. Includes QuickTime movie clips!

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Don’t Give Your Right Name! — Part 1

Fats Waller once said that, and another blues man sang, It Must Be Jelly, Cause Jam Dont Shake Like That! There really was a man named Jam Jam Handy and he ran a 500-person studio in the then gloomy city of Detroit. It was an amazing adventure working there, in that most amazing, little-known but heavyweight studio. I directed my first film there, nearly had my tender career nipped, and discovered John Lee Hooker. 1949-51.