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ANIMATIONWorld The Career Coach: Age, Religion, Sex - What Reel-y Matters

What if I told you that yes, sexism, ageism, racism all existed in the industry? Would you give up your dream? If you answered yes, that is the right decision because if you can be discouraged by an obstacle, you don't have the persistence it will take to make it. If you answered no, that is also the right decision because you will pursue your career no matter what the obstacles. Discrimination exists but it shouldn't stop you. The people who have skills that are in demand will find work.

ANIMATIONWorld Out of Character: The Making of Joseph

What do you do when Jeffrey isn't jumping for joy after the first test screening? Go back to the drawing board? No, go back to the script. Co-director Robert Ramirez recounts his experience wrangling together the timeless story of DreamWorks' new straight to video release, Joseph: King of Dreams.

ANIMATIONWorld The Career Coach: Portfolio Essentials

Whether you are a traditional character animator or a character animator who uses the computer (remember, it's just a tool) you will need a portfolio. All companies whether they are feature film producers or video game producers want the same basic stuff. Here are guidelines to putting together a portfolio that will help you get interviews. Remember a portfolio is a sales tool, like a resume and demo reel. The purpose is to get you an interview which could lead to a job.