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ANIMATIONWorld The Career Coach: Hanging Tough When Looking for Work

"You'll never make it in this business, so you might as well get aregular job at a bank or something." If you are still reading, that'sgood because you are going to hear that a lot, whether you're new in thebusiness or a veteran. From anyone, anywhere, anytime. If you havepersistence and drive you will make it in this business...

ANIMATIONWorld Fresh From the Festivals: November 1999's Film Reviews

Within the world of animation, most experimentation occurs within short format productions, whether they be high budgeted commercials, low budgeted independent shorts, or something in between. The growing number of short film festivals around the world attest to the vitality of these works, but there are few other venues for exhibition of them or even written reviews. As a result, distribution tends to be difficult and irregular. On a regular basis, Animation World ...

ANIMATIONWorld On a Desert Island with ... Bob Clampett

Robert Clampett was born in San Diego, California on May 8, 1913. From the beginning, as is evident from the list of his favorite films, he was intrigued with and influenced by Douglas Fairbanks, Lon Chaney, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, and began making film short-subjects in his garage beginning when he was about 12. In 1930, Leon Schlesinger was so impressed with one of Clampett's 16mm films, he offered him an assistant position at Harman-Ising Studio.