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ANIMATIONWorld FernGully2: The Magical Rescue Storyboards

By Guest (not verified) | Sunday, March 1, 1998 at 12:00am

"The storyboard is the visual blueprint of the film. Whatever strengths or weakness appear in the storyboard will almost certainly show up in the finished film. If you want to see it in the film, it must be in the boards, every pose, every expression, everything."

- Dave Marshall and Phil Robinson, Wild Brain.

Editor's note: As a supplement to Dave Marshall and Phil Robinson's article about the pre-production process of creating FernGully2: The Magical Rescue, Animation World Magazine is pleased to offer this visual supplement of storyboard panels from the film. All art on this...

ANIMATIONWorld RealFlash: The First Step

By Pat Boyle | Sunday, March 1, 1998 at 12:00am

South Park characters have been brought to the Web by Smashing Ideas Animation, using RealFlash. © Comedy Central.Let's say you've got a great piece of animation that you want to post on your web site. You advertise. You get your audience excited. They go to your site, and then...they wait. As incredible a tool as the Web is, its "instant communication" feature is obliterated if your audience has to wait ten minutes to download a file. More often than not, a viewer will become frustrated and leave your site before seeing the piece you've worked so hard to create.

Enter Streaming Media When...

ANIMATIONWorld How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love RealFlash

Using Macromedia's Flash 2, POP! and Spümco partnered to create some of the most intriguing animations the web has seen to date. © Spümco.Last October we received a call from RealNetworks asking if we'd be interested in creating content for the upcoming launch of their new streaming media solution, RealSystem 5.0. Specifically, RealNetworks was searching for a company to create animation sequences in RealFlash streaming animation based on Macromedia's Flash technology, synchronized with RealAudio. We were in the process of wrapping up a long project for the Microsoft Network (MSN) that was...

ANIMATIONWorld The New Animation Technology Exposition and Conference Viewed and Reviewed

By Ben Fried | Sunday, March 1, 1998 at 12:00am

Pixar technology chief and executive vice president Ed Catmull gave an early morning keynote address at the New Animation Technology Expo. Photo courtesy of Pixar.Once again the World Animation Celebration has come and gone, transforming the Pasadena Civic center into an extremely happy (but not "The Happiest") place on Earth. For many Los Angeles-based industry professionals the Celebration is like an animator's New Years, a time to reflect and take stock of progress and change, as well as set resolutions and goals for the next Celebration. One indispensable element of the...

ANIMATIONWorld Tuning in to the IBCTA

The IBCTA panel on "Finding a Niche." Front row, left-right: moderator Fred Seibert, panelists Bill Kopp, Sue Rose, and back row: Corky Quakenbush, Brown Johnson and Mike Lazzo. Photo by and Craig Skinner/Celebrity Photo, courtesy of WAC.

As I, a hopeful creator/future filmmaker for non-violent media, planned my trip to the second year of the World Animation Celebration, there were a variety of topics at this year's International Business Conference of Television Animation (IBCTA) that caught my eye. Abuzz with energy, a standing room only crowd of people from as far as...

ANIMATIONWorld World Summit for Feature Films and Visual Effects

Robert Abel's keynote speech was one of the highlights of the World Summit for Feature Films and Visual Effects. Photo by and © Craig Skinner/Celebrity Photo, courtesy of WAC.Over the course of two days and six panel discussions, some of the most influential people in live-action effects and animation shared their views on where they think the animation industry is today and what its direction will take in the future. These panels marked the first meeting of the World Summit for Feature Films and Visual Effects. The summit is a new annual event being offered as part of the World Animation...

ANIMATIONWorld Contato em Havana

O Programa do Festival Internacional do Novo Cinema Latino-Americano.O Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latino-americano mais uma raz para se visitar Cuba no inio de Dezembro. Em sua 19 edio, o Festival de Havana o maior evento cinematogrico inteiramente dedicado ao cinema latino, sendo muito prestigiado junto aos produtores, diretores e artistas destes paes. Ree longas, mias e curtas metragens de fico, documentios, um concurso de cartazes e de roteiros e, at last but...