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'Pet Alien' — Anatomy of an Emerging Brand

By Jan Nagel | Friday, February 25, 2005 at 12:00am

Fresh, new and branded. This is a line that is being uttered by acquisition and development executives at both NATPE and KidScreen Summit. What in tar-nation does this mean? How can something fresh and new be branded? Is Taffy Entertainments latest hit, Pet Alien, a brand?

Brand by its very nature is an established production that is consistent in delivering to its audience a quality product that is always the same like Coke or Pepsi. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Brand is a class of goods identified as a product or a particular firm or producer.

Can a new show like Pet Alien be classified as a brand so early in its life?

Taffy Entertainment/Mike Young Prods. has built a reputation of delivering shows that are appealing to their target audiences. Shows like, Jakers!, He-Man and Clifford the Big Red Dog are projects that have set the brand benchmark for the studio. Whether work-for-hire on pre-existing brands, such as He-Man or Bratz, or original productions like Jakers! or Pet Alien, programming executives expect a level of quality from MYP, which translates into viewership.